Posted on October 21, 2009


We know what you’re thinking….NO fraulein maria, not that sound of music..

Your shoes will always sing about you, you can either doe a deer or chant your way to victory. Example: when you walk into a room, depending on your footwear your steps may have been heard miles away building up anticipation to your arrival; leaving those in your trail quaking in their not so funky boots. See where we’re going? Flats are cute but they will not sound the trumpet, they will not call to order, they will not inspire fear.

nick for rodarte

[Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte SS10]

Girls love shoes, there’s something wired in the DNA [well you do have the few martians that prefer bags] but generally, girls and shoes are like Lindsay Lohan and _____ [fill in the blank]. You like shoes? you’re reading the right article, but alas this is not one for jimmy choo princesses, tods wearing sloaneys or manicured louboutin socialities. This is for the trench wearing battalion of women for pretty shoes do not a warrior make. We plan to march and trample the coldness of winter, so we figure we need a little grit, we need a little oomph, we need armour clad feet.


[John Galliano SS10; if they can walk, you can walk o_O]

Our eyes have been on the godfather of the battle shoe, British designer Nicholas Kirkwood, he doesn’t design for wallflowers as you can see from the shoe for Rodarte in the first picture of this article – you see, there was word recently about Christian Louboutin designing shoes for Barbie, now we have nothing against her but er….she’s just a bit sweet – think of it this way, you dine and dance in louboutins, you achieve world peace in Nicholas Kirkwood. [And that piece of information people is what Obama does not know]


[Price on Request – Nicholas Kirkwood]

We know we are not all generals, there will be sergeants among us but never fear, there are pocket friendly alternatives so you can still conquer you likkle territory with each step



L-R [Alexander McQueen, Rodarte, Alexander McQueen – All prices on request]



[L-R Aldo £100, Topshop £70, Miss KG £85]

Pretty sandals may break a toe, rock solid heel will crush a foot, your choice.

We think it necessary to point out that we’re not pro-violence or pro-war, these are just analogies carrying on from the article last Wednesday.

Signed, Ebewn

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