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Posted on October 21, 2009


Ladies & Gentlemen,

So it’s been a HOT minute, how y’all keeping? Would you believe it though? It’s almost Christmas BUT alas that’s for another day & time BUT yeah… Is it me or hasn’t this October just been the month for NEW Music? I dunno bout you but everyday I wake up, somebody’s got some NEW record out & OH BTW before I forget… Could someone please get that Gucci Mane character off of our radars for like for ever because O-M-G don’t you find him annoying???

Anyway boys & girls, of all the new music that’s been trawling the internet lately, here’s the ones we feel you should consider having in your music library…

We’re kicking off with something for all the Young Jeezy fans out there (don’t ever say OffBeat ain’t got your back now!)

– Young Jeezy – Trap or Die 2

I’m not the biggest fan so I shall refrain from commenting on this one

My favorite male Group ever and arguably the best that ever did it are back with their second cover album, to be released in November and you can download & listen to their first single off the album after the jump…

Boyz II Men & Nadine Coyle – Back For Good

Ok can I just pause there and say OR rather ask! Nadine Coyle though? WHo was the genius in the Boyz II Men camp that though it’d be good business to get this Girls Aloud star on the song??? She actually has half decent vocals on this record so we can’t hate on that… I actually like the song, don’t get me wrong BUT a big part of why I like the song is because I absolutely adore the original by Take That… Check that out after the jump (for a lil dose of NOSTALGIC goodness)

– Take That – Back For Good

Talking about the girl group Girls Aloud, it does look like Ms. Cheryl Cole aka Ms. I-Dunno-What-I’m-Doing-Judging-X-factor-because-I-don’t-have-the-slightest-clue will have the fastest selling UK single in 2009 for her debut single ‘Fight for This Love’, homegirl sold over 130,000 copies in its first day! We can’t knock that hustle, let’s check out what the hoopla is all about though…

– Cheryl Cole – Fight for This Love

**side note – why oh why Ashley Cole would cheat on that gorgeousness is beyond offbeat**

Still keeping it UK and still keeping it quite X-factor (ish), the very lovely Leona Lewis’s second album ‘Echo’ is nearly upon us and just the other day, one of the records to grace the album leaked unto the world wide web and YES we got you… After the jump, why don’t ya?

– Leona Lewis – I Got You

Another exclusively NEW record that’s just landed right on our lap is from one of our favorite Singers-cum-Actors-Singers, you know who it is… Mr. Jamie Foxx (without autotune thank God!!!)

– Jamie Foxx – Private Party (Girl You Know)

Alright that’s all you people get today PLUS I’m really really tired so I gotta retire to bed but hope you like the music & if there’s something out that I should know about, leave a message in the comments box for me ok… Before I go though, everybody’s favorite artiste in 2009 (that’s still without an album) dropped a couple records over the weekend… Check em out aight!

– Drake – King Leon

– Timbaland Ft. Drake – Say Something

**side note – I’m still hating on Timbaland for that travesty called ‘Reminder’ he dumped on Blueprint 3 BUT this record right here? It’s straight FIRE & the trip is… it ain’t even the completed version!

Alright we’re gonna go NOW, it’s LATE!

Until the Next Time…

Triple A

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