Posted on October 14, 2009


As winter approaches, the inevitable question of ‘what winter coat?’ arises. In addition to the gloomy outlook on the economy, the weather casts its own brand of darkness, so here’s offering you a little something to fight through it.

There are two kinds of people, those who wear twin sets hoping things will improve and those who dress to fight for improvements. Pretty as they may be, no soldier ever went to war in florals; for winter, we need armour, we need THE TRENCH COAT. When Kate Moss had to meet the met police after he coke debacle, well well, guess her armour of choice? If that wasn’t an out and out war deserving of a trench, we don’t know what is.

INTRO - Kate moss - burberry ad

[No, this is not her going to the po po]

Originally designed for soldiers in the trenches during the First World War – hence the name…pretty neat yes? – it has permeated culture as a barometer for cool.

When we think of trenches, 2 British powerhouses come to mind, Burberry & Aquascutum – the patron saints of trench coats. Timeless, versatile, whether classic beige, silk, wool, cotton or black, a trench coat lends a certain brand of cool to the wearer, ticking every style box. Men love them, women love them, It’s all love, love, love for the trench.

At Burberry, the trench is reinvented every season (frankly we don’t know how Mr Bailey manages to bring up so many versions of essentially the same thing)


Dress it up, dress it down, with loafers, with heels, sleeves up, sleeves down, collar up, collar down, to belt or not to belt? The options are endless


This shot is from Humphrey Bogart in the forties movie Casablanca, yes the forties – take the trench out of this picture and imagine a cardigan, doesn’t quite work, does it?….so you see, it looked cool in the 40s and it looks cool tomorrow so rather than invest in those pleather hotpants and sequinned bra, here’s a good look.

Obviously as it’s such a winner, every label, store, house has their version of the trench, there’s one for everyone..yeaaah!! If you can, we say max whatever you can spend; after all it is an investment piece. [Someone willed her Burberry trench to her son who inherited it upon her death]. We’ve pulled together a few options into 3 categories, for the bargain, we prefer the basics.



L – R [Aquascutum – price on request; Burberry Prorsum £795]



L – R [All Saints £260 ; All Saints £195]


Page_1L-R [Asos £45 ; Warehouse £50]

As true advocates of equal opportunities, here’s one for  the men [hit your local topman 🙂 ]

Burb MAN


Whatever you do PLEASE do not do either of these:


You are neither Dick Tracy nor a general

Signed, Ebewn

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