#MusicMonday… THIS IS IT!!!

Posted on October 12, 2009


OK so is there really anything in Music Land worth mentioning on this fine Monday evening asides this future Number One record in virtually all the countries in the world? I certainly don’t think so…

So without further adieu… HERE it is!!!

– Michael Jackson – This Is It

Erm… I’m not sure I should continue after that to be honest? I love this song… I love Michael! May his soul rest in perfect peace!!! But what about this record though? Is it me OR is it just really GOOD? & it doesn’t sound like anything else that’s out there at the moment… well nothing that I’ve heard lately anyway BUT what it does sound like is Vintage Michael… That organic sound… That refreshing sound… That Michael Jackson sound???

& I wouldn’t be surprised if those keyboard notes at the core of this musical backdrop were actually recorded somewhere back in the 80’s or early 90’s (#justsaying) (side note – Reports have it that the song was recorded in 1991. Ah Hah!) & BOY do the Jackson brothers bring it on the backing vocals OR do they just bring it?… I will say though that Nobody & I mean NOBODY does ‘Poignant’ quite like the Late Great Michael Jackson so I want you to think ‘Man in the Mirror’ or ‘Heal the World’ but instead of something as compelling as trying to spark the ‘change’ of our world, I want you to discover ‘falling in love’ & ‘This is It’ is what that will sound like… It is a GOOD song!

Download it HERE if you don’t already have it in your library…

Michael Jackson’s ‘This is It’ movie premieres on October 27th as well as the ‘This is It’ double-disc compilation of the music that inspired the aforementioned movie, with a bonus Vinyl release on November 10th… This is quite simply a must-have for anyone really…

**pours out a little liquor for the King of Pop**

& with that, this is OffBeat signing off because nothing can really top some MJ right now…NO REALLY!!!

Until the Next Time…

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