#MusicMonday… The Boss Lady Takes Over OffBeat!!!

Posted on October 6, 2009


**OK so OffBeat had to call in a favour from our homegirl Neefemi a.k.a The Boss Lady… so HIT the jump for what’s good over on her side of the POND!!!** **& OH we thought we’d add our lil offbeat SPIN in italics to this one BUT don’t mind US, it’ll be like we’re not even here**


My feelings are so hurt right now; I am currently in Houston and BET’S 106&Park tour with Trey Songz, Mario, Day 26, Sean Garrett, Rich Girl and Ice Bloc is at the House of Blues tonight at 7pm and I cannot make it. Can someone help me say “this sucks”?

**this sucks! LOL**

Trey Songz happens to be one of my favorite artists in this world – I want to be the mother to his kids, swear down and this would have been the ample opportunity to do so. The way he talks about what he will do to you in the bedrooms keeps me salivating, and I imagine he is really as good as he says he is. Like in the song – I invented sex featuring none other than Drizzy Drake…I believe he actually did invent sex…Don’t take my word for it listen yourself and tell me what you think

**OffBeat – OK so we haven’t listened to Mr. Songz album yet… I Know! KILL US NOW!!! But Drizzy = The New Lil Wayne aka Mr. Go-To-Guy-for-a-DOPE-verse!**

Then there is Mario… there is just something about his voice that promises to reveal to you pleasures you only dream about. Plus he is looking mighty buff lately, the boy looks good enough to eat and his lyrics just get to me as in old time classic “How Do I Breathe”. His new song “Stranded” just gets to me, the way he pleads for his girl to come back, if I were his girl I will be back already… and there is his song with Hurricane Chris and Plies “Headboard”… just when he says “ladies this is Mario”, I swear I feel it in my tummy – I wish he sang this song alone, because I am not sure what Hurricane Chris was talking about.

**OffBeat are just gonna pass on making comments on anything that has to do with Hurricane Chris or Plies or both of em BUT did Mario fall off after Neyo stopped writing his records or is that just me???**

Day 26, I assume will be playing most of their hits like “Imma put it on her” which I happen to just love, love because they have nothing new out, but the boys are really good, Robert has the best voice on there I swear. Sean Garrett, for such a great voice, is relatively unknown, only heard in collaborations like in “Gripping” with Ludacris or “Break Up” with Mario and Gucci Mane. I wish he would come out alone with a tune, would love to hear him go all out on a track.  He is so not fine though, lol, but his voice more than makes up for it. Who does he sound like, I can’t quite place my finger on it.

**Quick Question… Is Mr. Garrett ever gonna release a track bigger than ‘Grippin’? Sadly NOT! Such a shame really!**

So why have I never heard of RichGirl – apparently they are a group of four girls, and in my opinion not one of them is pretty. But I digress, about their music – they seem to have good, I might actually say great voices, but this particular song “He ain’t with me now tho” doesn’t just do it for me at all… maybe it’s the production, the beat, something is off and I’m not quite sure what. What do you think?

**Offbeat says about Rich Girl… After hit songs like Beyonce’s Crazy in Love, Destiny Child’s Soldier & Amerie’s One Thing, for Rich Harrison to introduce us to this garbage = AN EPIC FAIL! SMH**

Icebloc is supposed to be one of the hottest most anticipated hip hop rap groups from D.C. and folks be exaggerating, lol (** The Boss Lady Ain’t ever Lied!**) – the duo Jkeys (he is extra hot) and Vito – sound amateur to me in their song “Ride Around”.  Plus the video is crap, same ole girls shaking their ass… they couldn’t even find fine girls…lol….ok maybe I am being harsh, but see for yourself and let me know…can I just repeat the fact that JKeys is so hot….sigh.

**OffBeat – What the hell is an Ice Bloc???**

I’m really sad that I can’t attend the show though to review for myself these artists, maybe next time. In other news, Britney Spears is back, better than ever…yes I love Britney- and her music speaks for itself. Her new song is called “3” what a name huh? She is nuts I swear- the song is talking about a threesome, talking about “living in sin the new thing, are you in? lol, crazy girl but good song

**Britney Spears??? BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!**

Chris Brown is also back…yaaaaaaaaaaaaayy…I am excited, his music speaks volumes although I’m not sure if this was the way to go in his song “I Can Transform You”. Shouldn’t he be trying to suck up to the ladies? But I like the song with Lil Wayne and Swizz Beatz…can’t wait for the video, will be expecting something really creative and excited to see what new dance moves he has, maybe he can incorporate stuffs from his community service days.

**OffBeat Side-Note to Chris Brown… WHY OH LORD WHY!!! PLus who here thinks that Bobby Brown circa early New Edition/ Dont Be Cruel/ Perogative kinda equals Chris Brown pre Rihanna palaver & Larry King Live fiasco in terms of  likeability/popularity (whatever you wanna call it) & the same way Bobby never got back to those heady heights is probably the exact same way Chris Breezy will not achieve his previous successes??? Well who knows? We’ll see**

That’s what’s going on in my neck of the woods…what’s your hood saying? Want to hear from you, have a great week and stay blessed.


**OK I don’t know bout you guys BUT we gotta bring back The Boss Lady on OffBeat because who else is gonna put you guys on some new Britney and give y’all some knowledge on the likes of IceBloc & Rich Girl… it surely ain’t me cos Jheez, I just dunno these things lol!**

Until the Next Time…

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