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Posted on September 28, 2009


Alright ladies & gentlemen, I am SO not in a good mood (thanks in part to Transport For London but alas) & I was gonna come on here & cuss out the lead singer of La Roux, 21-year old Elly Jackson for her unnecessary & somewhat ignorant comments about Tinchy Stryder in The Guardian, last week Thursday BUT the GOOD people over at Grime B***h already put her in her place! I will say this though… If we’re all speaking truths NOW, here’s ONE truth for you Ms. Jackson. The only reason ‘In For The Kill’ blew up (to your amazement I’m sure) wasn’t because ‘the public spoke for itself’ BUT because Skream made a dubstep remix of the record & plugged you to the world OK, get it right! Skream can make anything sound GOOD!!! You’re trying so HARD to be different & sound different & be all ‘truthful’ but the TRUTH is you’re NOT that much different from all the other ‘wanna-be-edgy-type’ pop bands out there SO get over yourself, Thank YOU very much!

**deep breathes**

I was also gonna speak about Lily Allen’s rather misguided rant against file sharing two weeks ago today, going as far as to call ‘file sharing’ the equivalent of music piracy! Really Lily? I mean Really??? BUT yeah UK hip-hop artiste, Dan Bull already said what I would take a million and one words to say, and he says it much better than I would…

I will say this though… I like Lily Allen! I think she’s FIT & I fux with her music but this whole ‘file sharing’ malarkey = A BIG FAIL on your part Ms. Allen! & then you have the cheek to try and make this ’cause’ of yours about the new artistes Ms. Allen? Like Really? We don’t believe you, you need more people!!! I’m just saying!!!

The joke though is that she copied (or pirated) that rant on her blog about file-sharing from Techdirt’s Mike Masnick! The woman didn’t even write that s**t! OH Give OVER!!!

& YEs before I forget, Ladies & Gentlemen… I introduce you to the NEW Sugababes!!!

**BIG FAIL!!!**

What do you call a group that doesn’t have any of its original members still in it? A ‘sugababes’!!! Get it? It’s quite sad really!!! What I wanna know is, how & why the heck did Jade Ewen agree to join this group, which by the way shouldn’t be allowed to keep the name ‘Sugababes’? I think we should have a little vote on that one!!! BUT please your thoughts on Jade Ewen and the new group (that is NOT the Sugababes)

Anyway unto the GOOD stuff… X-factor was on over the weekend & can I just say that X-factor is such quality T.V, even if its solely for the amateur musical performances from the contestants & for those of us that don’t know what X-factor is, it’s the UK’s version of American Idol really!!! Some are really good, others quite bad & then there’s the outrageously funny but all in all X-factor = Priceless TV! But the bit that does it for me is this right HERE…

NOW you can diss the show as much as you like (if you don’t like it then that’s you init?) but these are real people with real dream & a few of em are really really talented & there’s something about seeing them edge closer to that dream, I dunno, it’s someone about the human psyche BUT it’s gets me!!! Like I’m literally moved to tears when those judges go into that room & tells these people that it’s all over & then I’m equally as elated to see the joy on the faces of the people that make it through (makes me feel almost the same way as I did when Will Smith gets the job in ‘Pursuit of Happiness’)… Every year I’m moved to tears & it’s always that BIT there!!! PLUS the ‘Take That – Greatest Day’ soundtrack as background music = ‘What are you tryna do to me here? I ain’t gonna cry goddamit!’

Can I just say, I’m watching it again now & BOI it’s still very emotional TV (for me)! To quote that white girl in room 3 (circa 2:52 minutes), ‘I’m just gutted because… I don’t wanna do anything else!’ Trust me hun, I know exactly how you feel!

**Deep Breathes Ayo! Very Deep Breathes!!!**

OK so after this, my Editor is probably gonna wanna proof-read everything I write for GlamTings before it goes up on here. ‘Nobody wants to know about what you watched on the telly (She’s a Cardiff Lassie! Only she would say ‘telly’ lol!) over the weekend!!!’ is what I’d hear & I’d probably say ‘but it’s got something to do with music though!!!’ (it does & all!)

Aight, let’s check out a few of my favorite contestants from the final 24…

– Jamie Archer

– Stacey Solomon

– Rachel Adedeji **BIG SONG!**

– Danyl Johnson **His second performance was a tad bit ‘not good’ so I went 4 the cult classic!**

So there you have it ladies & gentlemen… the next Leona Lewis or Alexandra Burke could be either of these four people!

Before I kick rocks outta here, how the hell did ‘John & Edward’ get through to the final 24??? Oh LORD how??? Check em out in action after the JUMP… I Cringe! Oh I Cringe!!!

– The John & Edward Show **Somebody KILL me now! PLEASE**

So… Until the Next Time

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