Faking It…

Posted on September 11, 2009


So I’ve never really figured myself as an actor/actress. However in this hustle that is life, I’m beginning to find myself embracing this new persona or alter ego. Sort of like Beyonce and Sasha Fierce. My own inner Sasha is called Mighty…yes Mighty… surname Mouse. Where I stop short Mighty is more than able to carry on.

Mighty has been known to power dress: shirts a la TM Lewin, Trousers by Next/H & M…very hard hitting stuff. Mighty also sorts out the bills, does high level marketing presentations and more recently, blags her way through interviews.

She is really quite amazing to be honest. Only problem is she sometimes gets carried away…mmm. I’ll explain, you see I’m not naturally a very forward person or blagger for that matter. However recent times have shown that who you are naturally can only take you so far in the business world. You know what I mean don’t you? Being reticent, reserved, relaxed and any other ‘R’ word you can think off, doesn’t bring home the bacon or pay bills [check out my cliché roll…woohoo].

So that’s where faking it comes in. The reticent becomes forward; the relaxed, more aggressive; the casual dresser becomes a power dresser [yes this situation affects your wardrobe too]. So we power up our wardrobe with the TM Lewin’s, the Hawes and Curtis [es] until we can afford the Armani’s, the Prada’s and co. We slap on a confident smile and pray to God that our inner ‘Mighty’s’ show up.

Recently i had the opportunity to go for a job interview.  This is an interesting story as Mighty got carried away again. Now I don’t know if you know this but having an internal discussion/argument with yourself is a very odd experience…you didn’t know? Oh ok please take my word for it then…anyway I digress…

So on this fateful day…I showed up for my interview, a very intimidating job interview at that. The demeanour of the interviewers…My word…You know the type…all frowns taking the term ‘crack a smile’ to a whole new level…hisss

I was still at the interview but Mighty and i were already having an internal discussion/argument. ..’’erm Mighty are we really sure we want to work here? As in see the guy’s face he’s not even smiling…I’m sure he’ll be one of those kinds of bosses…’’

It didn’t help that after he had just described to me what the company does and the new product…he turned around and asked me to give him a short marketing campaign on the spot saying ’’oh don’t worry I’m not trying to put you on the spot…’’oh really? Where is the spot then? Cos from where I’m standing it looks like I’m on it.

So while I was still trying my best to appear composed, Mighty jumped in!  She did the intelligent umm-ing and ahh-ing and then crafted an intelligently worded answer…that answered nothing. She has it down to an art form I must say.  She also did not forget to add in her answer that of course she would be able to expand on her answer if she was given the job. After all she is a professional with trade secrets…

After some more verbal parleys, the interview was over and a site visit was next…By now Mighty was in full swing asking all the right questions designed to inflate their ego, when the visit was over she confidently strolled out. The interviewer then told me ‘’we are interviewing a couple more people but we’ll be in touch soon’’. I thanked him while asking Mighty what in the world she thought she was doing…all the while forcing myself to keep walking with dignity…

A week letter I got an email…not a call…an email. My heart sunk…oh oh an email…this can’t be good…Mighty done killed me…her and her big mouth.

However to my shock no amazement…The email read ‘’you were the most outstanding candidate, please let me know if you can start on Monday…’’

Looks like Mighty won that round…

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