GOOD week Vs. BAD week

Posted on September 4, 2009


OK so I’m so sorry ‘Offbeat’ was MIA on Monday, we had surgery BUT we’re fine now… SO erm as somewhat of a (what am I gonna call it?) peace offering to Y.O.U, here’s a little montage of the things & the people that have caught our interest at ‘Offbeat’ this week…

So I must be the only person in the world that didn’t notice that Whitney Houston has a new album… ‘I Look to You’ which is Ms. Houston’s sixth studio album, (Can I just pause here and say… ask rather, 6 albums? I could’ve sworn it’d be more than that though? I mean this woman released her debut album when I was ONE… & I’m quite GROWN now lol!) was released this Monday (31/08/09) after a seven year hiatus & she was at the ‘Good Morning America’ show two days ago, performing two songs from the new L.P & two old gems… Check out some footage after the JUMP!

That was ‘I Look to You’, the title track to the new album… &  yes her voice does sound a bit raspy… even husky if you wanna take it there BUT I will say though that her tone now, is buzzing with so much character + it’s Whitney Houston mehn… She’s the BIZ-I-NESS still!!! & the fans still love her (I mean there’s grown ass men screaming their heads off & jumpin around at the sights & sounds of her… she’s definitely still GOT it!!!)

Now unto the (my) performance of the whole show & the record that is arguably the apex of the new album… The Alicia Keys co-written & co-produced ‘Million Dollar Bill’… After the Jump, shall we?

SO There you have it Ladies & Gentlemen… ‘I Look to You’ is in stores now so go out, get that & when you do, come tell me how it is… & DO look out for her interview with Oprah Winfrey on September 14th (her first in a HOT minute)… In her own words though, ‘Don’t Call it a Comeback, I’ve been Here for Years!!!’ She’s having a GOOD week…

And talking about interviews… Guess who was on Larry King Live just the other day?

SO… I promised NOT to make fun of Chris Breezy for this interview BUT Mr. Brown surely has to fire his stylist for that monstrosity of a fashion accessory that is that bow-tie BUT I’ll leave it to ‘The F Word’ to talk about that (or NOT)… Going back to the Chris Brown/Larry King interview… WHy the heck is this NICCA gonna come on Larry King and NOT talk about what went down??? I understand there must be all the legal wranglings surrounding the whole incident BUT why in Heaven’s name are you gonna come on TV (Larry King at that)… where you know you are gonna get asked these questions… & NOT have a more suitable… more ‘viewer friendly’ answer than ‘I don’t wanna talk about it.’???

Somebody needs a new publicist is ALL I am saying…

& this is what I don’t get yeah! Colour me stupid BUT ‘He don’t remember DOING it..?’ Get the f**k outta here… & then when Larry King is spewing out the previous allegations against him on Rhi Rhi, dude’s tryna draw a blank like ‘I dunno what you’re talkin bout bro!’… NEGRO Please!!! We don’t believe you, you need more people!!! ANd erm what’s all that about awww… No one taught him & Rihanna how to love; relationships get heated; there’s no class on controlling anger..? WTF! & that ‘Romeo & Juliet’ analogy? Is this dude serious? Like really? WTF is that? KMT I’m so off this brova, it’s unreal!

We all know that Larry King is the go-to-guy for rebuilding images & careers… & on a GOOD day, an interview with Larry King was definitely a GOOD look for Chris Brown BUT let’s be honest, from the bow-tie (sorry I had to bring that back)… to the attorney on his side… to his ridiculous evasiveness… to his lukewarm & somewhat indifferent demeanor, I mean, is anyone really buying this? Do lemme know please???

You can catch the rest of the interview HERE, HERE & then HERE!!! He’s definitely having a BAD week…

And in other news… Our favorite Emcee, Jay-Z, had his latest album Blueprint 3 leaked earlier this week and we gotta say… We love it, we definitely love it!!! So as a signing out today on Offbeat, we leave you with one of our favorite records from the Blueprint 3 which hits stores on September 11th (you know you gotta go out & BUY that!)… It features Roc Nation’s new recruit J.Cole & it’s called ‘A Star is Born’

… & Mr. HOVA’s one-off UK concert at the Roundhouse on September 17th sold out in 20 seconds flat this morning, we were on Ticketmaster for 45 minutes tryna get tickets (sold out in 20 seconds though? Unreal!) & his ‘Run This Town’ single is set to reach Number One on the UK’s Singles Charts next week to land Jay his first UK Number 1 Single… Definitely a GOOD week for Jay-Z… Clap 4 him, Clap 4 him!!!

Until the Next Time…

We Need Jay-Z/Roundhouse Tickets!!!

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