C’est La Vie? ….An Introduction

Posted on August 15, 2009


I remember trying to explain the concept to a friend of mine and he couldnt understand why i would want to name this section C’est la vie.  This is because C’est la vie is a phrase that sometimes has a defeatist connotation. A shrug of the shoulders an acceptance of the inevitable…

However if you look closely, you will see at the end of the section title the presence of a question mark. The question mark is such a small change yet it represents an entirely different school of thought. The question mark states is such life? When life serves up lemons, should you sit and take it? What happens when a recession hits or your faced with a hitherto unforeseen circumstance? Do you winge and moan or do you do open up a lemonade stall?

The example of lemons and lemonade might be way beyond its sell by date [bad pun coming through…lol] but the lesson is still a viable one.

Therefore the point of this section is to raise everyday issues and tackle them from a different perspective. A perspective that takes a tongue in cheek yet non conformist look at life’s lemons. A perspective that recognises the issues but refuses to settle for normative solutions.

It will be fun, it will be deep, it will also be…im hoping interactive. These will be issues that affect us all…so im looking forward to getting your 2 pence….

Right! So lets get this parteee started!


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