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Happy Birthday Michael Jackson…..King of Pop…. A True Fashion Icon.

August 29, 2009


Happy (woulda been) 51st Birthday to the King of Pop . . . . . . and a King of Fashion. It’s no news that he was a source of inspiration for many fashionistas; and even designers. A lot of this fall’s fashion is influenced by him- the skinny silhouettes, exaggerated shoulders, military jackets, zippers, […]

The Ugly Truth

August 28, 2009


How many times have I started to write this and then I end up deleting and starting again. To write about love and relationships is not as easy at may seem. There are so many thoughts of view, so many opinions, so many rules….everybody has there own two pence to contribute. Last week saw us […]

Anna Wintour does The Late Show with Letterman

August 25, 2009


Yay! Can’t wait to see The September Issue. Here’s a mini clip of Anna Wintour [Vogue editor] on Letterman from yesterday. What I’ll give to have a minute with Anna Wintour! Maybe even a second. Ha-ha! Just in case you haven’t seen The September Issue trailer [are you kidding???]. . . check it out HERE . […]

Just Don’t Call It A Come-Back!!!

August 24, 2009


Ladies, Gentlemen!!! Guess what? I’m upset! I am flippin upset this morning, ladies & gentlemen BUT in the same vein also, I am so damn elated this morning! & NO it’s not an oxymoron lol! Lemme tell you why the hell I’m upset this morning… Believe it OR not but we had our article for […]

Nice Guys Sleep Alone

August 21, 2009


There are two types of men: we have the nice guys on one side and we have the Attitude boiz on the other. Now the Nice guys are characterised by sensitivity, they are quick to apologise, needy, very polite, they smile and laugh a lot (even when and especially when nothing is funny)…they also get […]

The Higher The Better

August 19, 2009


I bet you’ve noticed on all major catwalks & in the September issue of most fashion magazines; over-the knee/thigh-high [not knee-high] boots are a staple this Autum/Winter. Now I’m wishing I didn’t chuck mine out from about 5 [or maybe 6] years ago. Jokes! But yea . . . . . . . it’s time to […]

Is Melanie Fiona Here To Stay???

August 17, 2009


OK so for some of us who haven’t heard of Ms. Fiona… She’s the Canadian R&B/Soul singer/song-writer with Guyanese heritage who burst unto the scene  earlier this year with the infectious & to die for, ‘Give It To Me Right‘… Well actually, Melanie Fiona, real name Melanie Hall, has been on her grind since 2002 […]