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Rules of Engagement Part 2

February 21, 2011


Last week we brought to you the first installment of the Rules of Engagement. if you missed it check it out here.¬† This week we talk about the validity or not of the 3 day rule. Remember the 3 day rule? Basically entails a guy waiting for 3 days before he calls a girl so […]

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The Rules of Engagement Part 1

February 14, 2011


Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus or how does the saying go? I forget. What i do know though is that the quest to understand and be understood by both sexes is a never ending one. To celebrate Lover’s Day, we have done something different. I stepped out of my comfort zone and […]

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Valentine’s Day Parade

February 13, 2011


valentines parade 2

Its Valentine’s day tomorrow¬† and i envisage that there will be a number of 1st dates. For the ladies, before your bedroom/closet resembles a nuclear testing site here are a few outfit ideas to help you make a great first impression For the casual date i.e. cinema or romantic walk: If however you intend to […]

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